The Compulsary Background Post (Reference)

Hello everyone!

I’ve been into beauty for years – since I was around 12 years old.  Of course, my tastes have grown and changed with the styles and trends (thank goodness), but my passion for beauty hasn’t waned.

I started sharing my love for beauty as a young adult doing my friends’ makeup and eyebrows, but career choices steered me away from being a makeup artist to a more male-dominated occupation.  Now, I use my long friendship with girlie things to keep me sane and as an escape from the machismo that is my work-day.

I toyed around with the idea of starting a youtube channel for several years (since around 2010) but need a restrictive amount of privacy to feel comfortable (I’m like the SIA of beautyblogging).  A blog became the answer.  I meticulously research nearly every beauty related purchase on the internet (via MakeUpAlley, blog searches and Google images) but sometimes come up short in seeing how products perform on people with my skin concerns and coloring.  For that reason, I created this blog to help any others who might want to see a few extra swatches, or hear a few more unbiased details.

As the blog grows, please always know that my opinions are my own.  Any item, be it a free, gifted, promotional or purchased item (read: ALL ITEMS) reviewed on this blog will get an honest review.  Any items I did not purchase myself will be identified as well.  There may be some affiliate links (which will be identified), but you are also able to copy and paste information into a new browser to view and purchase items without any affiliation.  Links will always open in a new tab or window.

My BodyHairSkinNails stats are as follows:

My body skin is generally dry. I have eczema in some areas (a spot on leg, elbows and some on backs of hands), but it responds well to topical ointments.  I have a muscular, athletic build (with a few extra pounds keeping me ‘soft and feminine shaped’, thanks to reduced exercise, poor diet and implant birth control).  Before BC, when I exercised 4 days a week and ate generally healthfully, my default weight was 145-147 lbs.  (I will be working to get back to that weight) I am 5’7″ (67inches).   I have some cellulite starting from mid thigh (side and back) and extending through buttocks.

My hair is ‘mixed’ in texture, similar to Halle Barry.  I cut my hair in a style/length to Halle in August 2013 and bar a side head shave in January 2013, have been growing it out since then.  My hair is straight-ish while short (or if a hat has been worn), but naturally dries in spiral curls.  The color is naturally a dark brown, and it is dry (with an oily scalp).  Hair grows slightly below average pace at approximately 5 inches a year.

African American / German American (mixed) heritage, NC42 skin color (leaning more towards neutral rather than stark yellow as I age), similar in color to Halle Barry or Rosario Dawson.  I have oily skin with some clogged pores (not so much pimples).  Negligible fine lines forming at eye hollow/top of cheeks, Naso-labal folds.  I have dark circles (brownish, reddish) under my eye (also caused from hollow under eye socket area).  I’ve been told my skin is oily but dehydrated.  I tan very easily, sometimes burn and have medium-large pores on cheeks near nose.

My nails grow slowish as well, are flexible, not brittle.  Cuticles are dry.


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