Anastasia (Beverly Hills) contour powders

I made a custom palette of Anastasia Beverly Hills contour powders after seeing them all over youtube.
I already have the ITcosmetics contour kit, but wanted a few more options and I liked that ordering online allowed me to pick my colors (instead of buying a palette of colors that didn’t suit my skin and only getting 2 or 3 I could use).

Anastasia Beverly Hills allows you to pick 6 colors and get the palette for only $40 (free shipping). Plus, if it’s your first order you can use the code WELCCOME10 to save 10%.

Anyways, I ended up getting 5 contours and 1 highlight (terracotta – is apparently an illuminator).  The colors below are (left to right, Top: Banana, Vanilla, Nude. Bottom: Golden Peach, Nude, Terracotta)


Here are the swatches on the arm of an NC42, in the same order as above. I will edit the pic to show the shade colors on each swatch.


I plan on using the first 2 shades (Banana and Vanilla) as highlight. The middle two (Golden Peach, Nude) and Terracotta (the last one) under my eyes to set makeup and countershade my dark circles.  And finally, Fawn (middle bottom) as a contour.  (Do you want to see how the under eye ones look applied?)

None of the colors have shimmer (not even Terracotta – the illuminator).  All are pretty smooth, but Banana and Terracotta are a bit more ‘skippy’ when applying on the skin. All blend beautifully and don’t rinse or wipe off easily.

So, have you purchased any of the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour powders yet? What are your favorite colors and which don’t you like as much? Why?

Have a lovely day lovlies!


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