increase productivity @ 50% off!

I’m a big list maker – it really is the only thing that keeps me from either buying the whole store, or forgetting everything I have to do.

I have a few tools that I use to stay on top of things (from what brushes to buy [or not b/c I have dupes], to budgeting, to packing) – and a lot of those things are either printables or lists.  Some of my most used printables are free, but most I paid a small amount of money for.

In a later post, I will link some of my favorite sources for organization and efficiency improvement, but since this is a limited time thing, I’m going to tell you about the following right now!

ListPlanIt is having a 50% off sale for Black Friday (ending Friday, November 28 at midnight).   Use the code: BLACKFRIDAY50 to get the eList Book/Bundle 30 Days to Christmas (for procastinators) for $4.  Annual Memberships for half off (Basic less than $20 and Pro less than $40).  Or all ePlanners ($2.50 each!)

I personally purchased just the Annual Membership (in Basic) becaue it includes access to the lists in the e-planners.  The lists you get are PDFs you can write in and save to your desktop to use again!

There topics run from the regular: to do, to blogging, to business organization, to groceries, and goal setting. Nearly everything!

**These are not affiliate links.  I will not get a portion or any benefit from your purchase.  I just wanted to share a great deal!**

Have a great week lovelies!


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